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    If as it appears people of a certain age, and I understand this, are being dismissed due to a reluctance on the part of the employer to invest in older people why not consider selling your skills through self employment. There are companies out there who need experienced people in all sectors that would jump at that offer as it provides companies with flexibility. It lends itself to opening up your opportunity in your particular job sector in being able to work on behalf of more than one company. Please feed back your thoughts.

    Posted by gmarshall50
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    • Reply by anitadavenportuk

      Hi Martin

      I get most of my new contracts through LinkedIn. What is your line of work?

    • Reply by martin.silver49

      Can anyone suggest the best sites to go to when looking for self-employment contracts?



    • Reply by anitadavenportuk

      I am a freelance interim director and have been for many years. I learned very quickly to have a second part-time business income that I could work on in between contracts yet leave to become my pension pot when working, as I was recently laid off with one week‘s notice due to Coronavirus my model works for me. I have taken a lower paid job to keep the wolf from the door and am focusing on my Plan B business which I believe is now my Plan A. I think it’s important to be adaptable and flexible as self employment can be ‘feast or famine’

    • Reply by Stuart

      Really interesting question and I would love to hear others views on this.    We (Rest Less) did a press release last summer on this very topic as the ONS data was showing that nearly 1 in 2 (44%) of all self employed workers were over 50.

      On the one hand, it can be a great way to get some flexibility and we speak to a number of people who have gone down this route and really enjoy it.   Equally, it can be hugely challenging with fewer employee protections and a lack of a guaranteed income etc.   As with most things, it often comes down to individual circumstances, the quality of employer, type of role, industry sector etc….

      Would love to hear from anyone who has gone down this route and how they are getting on.

    • Reply by Metroman

      I can understand your idea and for some with marketable skills that may be worthwhile. For others, though who need propping up with Universal Credit there is the minimum income floor which can kill off peoples idea of being self-employed if the financial return is too low for too long.

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