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  • Changing Interview Practices

    Hi All

    In this new climate:

    Has anybody seen any news on interviewing? Presumably face to face as been replaced by telephone/Skype etc.

    Have there been any reports of shrinkage in the job market?

    Posted by Metroman
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    • Reply by Metroman

      Thanks for your feedback, Helen. It is reassuring that employees are genuinely recruiting for the future.

    • Reply by Helen Burns

      Hi Metroman,

      There has certainly been a rapid change in recruitment practices and interviewing techniques as businesses adapt to our current ‘normal’. A number of companies have moved to online interviews and there was a recent Rest Less article entitled 12 Tips for a Successful Skype Interview, which applies to any of the video conferencing platforms including Webex, Zoom, BlueJeans, FaceTime and a myriad of others.

      It’s safe to say that uncertainty of any kind tends to impact the job market. However, whilst some companies are holding off on hiring decisions, others are hiring rapidly to meet new demand. It is probably too early to tell how the overall job market has been impacted, as we are still in the eye of the storm.

      We’re in uncharted waters (to keep with the nautical theme!) so its best to stay curious and flexible in our approach to job hunting at the moment.

      Best of luck

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