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    Hi I’m wondering what I can apply for – I’ve got nerve pain in my back, which restricts the amount of time I can sit upright (45 minutes) and means I can’t reach up with both arms at the same time, also can’t tolerate any temperature below 19C as this triggers acute pain.  Any suggestions of what I can do?  Have experience of secretary, estate manager, housekeeper, and can turn my hand to most things, but finding it difficult to manage any jobs even at home that last more than 2 hours.  Oh and I’m almost 61.  Any suggestions?  I need to work as my ESA is due to finish soon and I haven’t any pension until I’m 66.

    Posted by nikki4giles
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    • Reply by aislinggray

      Hi Nikki, pet sitting sounds like a great idea but with everyone who is able to work at home now around, I can see that the work there might dry up temporarily.  We aren’t able to say if there are employers on our site which are more sympathetic to flexible working around disability however what we CAN say is that all of our employers are committed to age diversity.  With that tends to come a progressive attitude to flexible working and policies to support an older workforce.

      If you haven’t had a chance to browse the roles available on our site yet, then please click here and you can put in your postcode or hometown to find roles that might be suitable: http://www.restless.co.uk.  You will see there is a full-time/part-time filter too.

      Really hope you find Rest Less to be a useful resource during your job hunt.

    • Reply by nikki4giles

      thanks they are mostly good suggestions, I’m registered for pet sitting but unfortunately I’ve just had cancellations due to the corona virus – maybe once things settle down this will be ok – I’m a bit restricted as I can’t go out in the cold to walk dogs, but during the summer this should work out OK, just worried it won’t be enough to make ends meet, and I’m now 61 so I’ve another 5 years before I get my pension – are there any employers who are more sympathetic than others – on good days I can work about 3hrs

    • Reply by aislinggray

      Hi Nikki, I’ve sent you a reply on your introduction post but thought that a good starting point might be to look for work that you can do from home?  We’ve put some suggestions in this post which might provide a bit of inspiration: https://restless.co.uk/career-advice/job-ideas/10-roles-where-you-can-work-from-home/

      Let me know what you think.



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