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    I am interesting to change my career.I am studying business management and I have many skills and experience and I need to start working in this domain

    Posted by alexiachriss
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    • Reply by aislinggray

      Hi Alexia, if you are looking for some guidance and inspiration as to a new career then I think you will find this section helpful:


      There are lots of ideas for different types of careers for which a business management qualification would be relevant.

      Have a read and let us know if you have any questions.  Do you have any thoughts on what your ideal career would be?

    • Reply by aislinggray

      Hi Alexia, that’s great to hear.  Do you mean you’re looking to move into a role where you can use your business and management education?  You might find the career change advice section of our website helpful: https://restless.co.uk/career-advice/career-change-advice/

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