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    What job/career for me.? Not a team player. Like people and able to stand up in front of a crowd but also a bit of a loner. Professional musician for over 35 years.

    Any suggestions?Oh and my maths are shocking.

    Posted by merynwilliams66
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    • Reply by Margarita

      Hi Meryn,

      I think the first step is to review in more depths your skills (including transferrable skills) and strengths. Not to forget to assess what you actually passionate about. There are plenty of tests around which will give you some insights, a good source are also friend/family/colleagues by asking them ‘what can I do really well?’. All these insights assist you in identifying potential new careers.

      I hope this helps a bit to get you started.

    • Reply by ljsteward

      Hi Meryn.  The first thing that comes to mind for me is why not teach others how to play their favorite musical instrument?  I believe people should do something they love and make money doing it.  Throw out some ideas you have, give us some idea why that interests you, ask your questions and see what responses come up from the membership.  We just need you to tell us more before we can start suggesting ideas.  Help us start the brainstorm.


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