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  • Bizarre interview questions

    What’s the most bizarre question you’ve ever been asked in an interview? Mine was being asked: if a Rubix cube is made of 10 x 10 squares, and one row/side of squares is removed – how many coloured squares are left? If anyone can answer that, an additional point on top of your own funny question!

    Posted by lorraine
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    • Reply by chelsea.ali8

      I have been in administration for 15+years and was asked at interview ‘ are you ok with computers’. I knew then that  age discrimination is alive and well…

    • Reply by shirlidickson

      I was asked what vegetable I would be … how that had anything to do in any way with the office environment role still baffles me?!?   Favourite food kicked in for choice and said potato, versatility and all that lol

    • Reply by Luna15

      Hi Guys, that was a bizarre question for sure! Mine was being asked if my hair was natural or extensions….I had long dark glossy hair back then, and one of the interviewers even asked me if she could touch it. I was applying for a managerial job in the wellbeing/Spa industry. Although i thought if the interview was for a managerial vacancy of a hairdressing salon, it may be acceptable but l i thought it was a very bizarre question.

    • Reply by Nick

      Hi Lorraine,
      Yes that is a different kind of question for sure and is probably testing how you think on your feet. It’s not really a complete question either because it doesn’t tell you the dimensions of the smaller cubes within the larger cube.
      A standard Rubik’s cube has 9 coloured squares on each side and it has 6 sides. So 45 coloured squares would remain if you removed the coloured squares on one side.

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