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    I learnt a lot of things by being inquisitive on my travels such as when I went to Falcarragh in Donegal Ireland on a recommendation to have a meal at the Gweedore Bar but as I was a bit early, I saw a ruin of a church not far outside of the town.
    To get to it I drove down an overgrown lane and to find at the end that I would have to reverse back out as it was too tight to turn around.
    I noticed that this church which I found out was called Ray Church and was intrigued by why it had such a large cross sited inside it poking up through where the roof would have been.
    With my mind in overdrive I searched on line and what a surprise to find out that it had a lot of history to it from a massacre in the Church by Oliver Cromwell’s men in the 17th Century of men women and children at a Sunday Mass who are now buried in a mass grave called the Resting Place of The Bones.
    The Cross I found out was originally carved from one-piece of stone and was destined for Tory Island but was gifted to the church.
    The cross was knocked down in a storm in 1750 and broken, it was then repaired by the Office of Public Works and put inside the church in the 1970’s.
    On the same day going back on the N256 from Falcarragh towards Glenvaegh National Park where I had to pull over at a bridge to let a car to pass.
    While I was there, I noticed a Boulder with carved Gaelic writing on and was wondering what it was, I was soon to find out it was a Sad and Inspiring story.
    The Bridge is known as the Bridge of Tears, back in the early days this was the main route to Derry where many of the Irish people travelled on to emigrate to America or other destinations.
    So, this was the last point they would say their farewells and the emotional goodbyes knowing they may never see their families again hence the name Bridge of Tears.
    It times like these that makes me want to find out more about our heritage.

    Posted by tudor59
    • Reply by paulinevaughan2015

      Wow that was interesting and a good day out. Shame about all that reversing

    • Reply by Gill B

      I love going off the beaten track, and to find out more about what you have discovered via the internet is brilliant. This place has a tranquility about it, but what tragedy – and yet it is fading into history and the landscape! Thanks for sharing

    • Reply by Marica

      What a lovely discovery. I always feel as if I have found treasure if I am driving and come across something like this