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  • Are there members in Essex interested in forming a Group to have discussions /participate in hobbies inc: Book Clubs/ Theatre / History / Work


    Posted by stephscott17
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    • Reply by Challenger

      Yes for sure! I live in Southend – work at the hospital and I’d love to get out and about. I’ve been in Southend for a year – most of which has been CV!!

    • Reply by Nishadomadia

      Yes i would be interested

    • Reply by babar1


      I would be very interested in book clubs, or history clubs. Social distancing and all thag allowing. I live in Chigwell

      • Reply by Nishadomadia

        I live in Gants Hill

    • Reply by Nishadomadia

      I would be interested

      live in Redbridge

      live theatre / coffee outings etc

      Bw nisha

    • Reply by anitaburnett

      Hello, I Am in Essex and would like to get involved in discussions etc. But I have to admit that I know very little about a whole lot of stuff! I paint, sew, love wordplay, reading, people watching, good conversation. I work For a solicitors but am furloughed at the moment 😊😊

    • Reply by Katie Rivers Macdonald

      Hi. Good to make contact with someone. I’d really like to get involved with just about any subject. I’m retired and disabled (not visible) and was a counsellor with over 35yr experience and I have added to my diploma the following :-2yr CBT training in addictions anything from anorexia/eating disorders. Bereavement (loss and loneliness) FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome)   I have trained in reiki, aromatherapy and hypnosis particularly past life regression.
      I think looking at all that I’m a perpetual student lol.  Books are a passion, I’ve enjoyed sailing, art and travel.
      I’m always keen to learn something new So would love to hear from others.

      • Reply by stephscott17

        Good evening Katie,

        I am delighted to hear from you. Hopefully, we will have further responses over the next few days running to end of August if necessary? We can then assess the main interest within the group and move things on.

        for now,

        my very best wishes,


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