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  • Are recruiters ageist?

    I have been looking for work for 2 months now, applying to countless adverts.  Being unable to secure an interview I came to the conclusion that it must be my age that is against me.  Especially as some of the firms I applied to are still advertising and I know I have the right experience.  Are recruiters ageist? Maybe it’s me but that’s how it feels.  Someone suggested leaving my dob off my CV but some places ask for it on their application form.

    Anyway, I had secured a position after I did get an interview that went extremely well.  However, lockdown happened and they had to close so couldn’t start me 😭  c’est la vie

    Best wishes


    Posted by Inky Ess
    • Reply by pollardc60

      I came back to UK in July after living in Canada for 15yrs. My husband had passed away June 2019 and I wanted to be nearer to my family. I left a job I loved.

      Have applied to several jobs and I think employers see how old I am and don’t bother to reply at all. Have come across an assessment with the applications of 2 jobs recently that gave impression of no right or wrong answers but was not successful with either.

      One of them advertised as being a diverse company too.

      I thought ageism wasn’t allowed but think companies find a way around this.


      • Reply by Inky Ess

        That’s exactly how I feel Colleen, it’s against the law for them to discriminate on any grounds but how would one prove it.  Of course I do understand that they have lots of applications for work these days, but it does seem strange that with all the applications I’ve sent in I just got one interview.  Most don’t even bother to reply that you’ve been unsuccessful, but even worse is when you apply 3 times to the same company over a period of 2 months and yet, the job is still being advertised.  So annoying.

        • Reply by Leyland Lion
          • I am in the same situation, have plenty of relevant experience applying for loads of jobs but no feedback. Last year I took a part time call centre post as the Job Centre were pressuring me to find any employment and had work lined up in a pizza factory. Spent most of my working life in payroll and wages. Your age is definitely a handicap.
        • Reply by Inky Ess

          It’s terrible that we are made to feel we are on the scrap heap.  We have so much knowledge and experience, but it seems to count for nothing.  And yet, they put up the age of retirement!  Doesn’t make any sense.

        • Reply by Leyland Lion

          Surprisingly just been contacted regarding an interview with BAE. Here’s hoping.

        • Reply by Inky Ess

          wonderful news. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

          best of luck, Shari

      • Reply by Samlee

        Yes they do we need to stop this age 50 plus

        It’s just not fair im in the same way I can’t find work



    • Reply by Daz

      Hello I agree employers are ageist in most cases. Thy sometimes pick a younger person bec thy will pay less for them, thy feel a young person fits the company’s image better. Also there are too many 50 plus unemployed before the covid crisis.

      • Reply by Inky Ess

        Thank you Daz, I think you’re spot on with them wanting to pay less. It’s really not fair, we still have so much to bring to the workplace and we are much more reliable than some of the younger people.  They shouldn’t just write us off because of our birth year.

      • Reply by Let’s start again

        This has been going on for years…..unfortunately for me….my birthday falls early september…. so mid primary school they changed the return date in september and I had to do the same year twice… fast forward time to leave school I went for an interview… all of the candidates where just 16… where as I was nearly 17….because of the school date thingy…they openly told me… such a shame…but they could employ another person for nearly a year on the lowest pay… where as if they took me on … they only got 3 months…. just imagine that being said to you these days… they’d be up in court in no time…. lol…

    • Reply by TmonT

      Yes I believe they look at wages they can pay a teenager alit less

      • Reply by Inky Ess

        Yes you’re quite right.  I do also feel they may be thinking how many more years will she be around lol 😂.  However, in my experience when I worked in management, some of the younger generation are terribly unreliable, ringing in on a Monday morning with dreadful excuses of why they couldn’t come in to work.  Ah well, I guess that’s life.  I shall just keep pestering them all until someone caves in 😁

    • Reply by Faye Blyth

      Undoubtedly YES!!! I don’t put DOB and only last 10 years experience but over 50 and you’re seen as an expensive dinosaur. I make my own work now – writing, teaching yoga and property rental – a portfolio career – after essentially being forced into this or unemployment.

      • Reply by Inky Ess

        Hi Faye, that’s my next step I think, self employment.  I have done it before, just need to find my niche.

        • Reply by Sparkle Spange

          And that can be the issue can’t it ..

        • Reply by Lainey

          Hello Faye

          Good luck with this, I hope you do find your ‘niche’ . I too am thinking of doing a few different things to get back working. I am starting to think of I really just want to get back into the ‘office’ culture….. no me thinks…

      • Reply by Showqa

        Hi there – can I ask you how you monetise your writing? I’m looking to try and develop an income stream after Covid destroyed my work as an actor/singer, and in fact I’m NCTJ qualified in journalism. But truly, I don’t know how to turn the writing into pennies! Be grateful for any tips. Thanks.

    • Reply by Daz

      USA I think is better for over 50 employment. I think in USA there is, law stopping over 50 discrimination. But I’m sure USA some states are youth obsessed so problem there. I dnt understand how pension age keeps increasing you’re expected to wrktill u drop. Yet so much ageism. V sad in uk so many over 50s forced on benefits for several years bec of ageism, soul destroying. Over 1 million over 50s unemployed wrong.

      • Reply by Samlee

        Well said

    • Reply by OchreLoca

      I think they are, but to be fair, the jobs i am applying for get up to 200 cvs, so they can’t even properly read some of them. I also apply for contract roles, so the pay is the same however old you are. Younger people wouldn’t have the skills and breadth of knowledge i do, having spent 25 years in one industry. But still no interviews or offers! It’s the same for everyone. Dreadful situation with so many unemployed.

      i hope you find something soon.

      • Reply by Inky Ess

        Thank you.  Yes I think the problem is too many people applying, we seem to have a huge number of unemployed.

        • Reply by Anonymous User

          Sorry to chirp in Inky Ess, but I just want to say I’ve recently had the same problem during this awful time. I think people will have more luck on a ‘its not what you know, it’s who you know’ basis. Sad but true

        • Reply by Inky Ess

          Thank you for your reply. Yes sadly I think you could be right. I have now secured a position (albeit temporary) with a firm I’ve worked for in the past. They know me and know I have a lot of energy and experience. I will work there for as long as it lasts and try to build up my own business in the meantime.

        • Reply by Anonymous User

          Congratulations on your new job, one never knows it might even extend to a permanent position for you, if they see you as a valuable asset to the Company then they would be fools not to keep you.
          But either way, good luck with your job and your new venture.
          It gives the rest of us a little hope 😊

    • Reply by pollardc60

      We are definitely not on the scrap heap ! If your health is good and you like keeping busy, why not work for as long as you can ?

    • Reply by Leyland Lion
      • I will let you know.
    • Reply by Marc RL

      I don’t put my DOB on my CV. But yes if the application form asks for it I put it.

      Agencies don’t always ask for it, but they get it anyway as they ask to see your passport and they take a copy /scan it.

      When recruiting of course the HR dept /agency will know what the manager recruiting is looking for and will select CVs / applications that they think the recruiting manager is looking for.

      As you get older of course the likelihood is  that the person recruiting you will be younger than you.

      If you get to interview try to use recent examples in your answers, if the person you are dealing with is 25 years old , an example from 8-10 years ago will seem like half a lifetime ago to them.


      • Reply by Inky Ess

        Thank you for your very good advice, Marc and it’s a good point about keeping you examples recent.

        best wishes


    • Reply by David.W

      Of course their ageist, soon as they see how old you are or deduce it from your CV odds are they will opt for someone younger. They can pay them less and Take more liberties which an older person wont tolerate. I was a carer for a parent for three years plus and have sent off for several jobs and heard nothing to date. With no end in sight to the chaos caused by Chinese flu the situation looks set to remain the same for time being!

    • Reply by Baij_Patel

      I would definitely leave your date of birth off your CV.  Legally employers can’t ask for that information during interview so there’s no need to put it on your CV.  I’m surprised you’re seeing it on application forms too as I thought that was illegal, at least during the interview stages.  I’m 50 and looking for work now and I only list the last 15-20 years of experience on my CV and don’t put any education dates etc as recruiters and companies can usually figure out your age from that.  Good luck with your search!

      • Reply by Inky Ess

        Thank you Bain, for your reply and I must admit I too was surprised to see it on application forms, but some companies do ask for your date of birth.  I try to be honest because I don’t want them getting an almighty shock if they call me in for interview, but as they’re not calling me in for interview then maybe it’s time I was more economical with the truth 😁

        best wishes Shari

    • Reply by Lainey

      I do think that recruiters are ageist. I am 51, been made redundant in July but got wages until October due to my notice period, but in that time I have applied for so many jobs even still today I keep applying.  I have also been advised to reduce the CV to show only the past 15 years so that in my case is one company, but 2 roles.  I finally got 2 interviews last week, both online. The first one went well and I felt comfortable online during the questioning.

      The second interview was not so comfortable and was for a compliance role which was my field prior to redundancy.  I researched and did my work for this one and doing these things on Zoom I don’t know what anyone else thinks but watching someone’s body language  i.e. facial expressions is priceless. I picked up on the interviewer not really liking what I was saying. He was mid 30’s and the HR woman was about 27…. I knew there and then it was not for me.  I was not successful but I knew during the interview it was not for me.

      I will keep going with the applications and remain positive and focused.

      • Reply by Lainey

        Hello everyone
        Apologies I have not been on for a little while as I have been working full time since December and managed to secure a temp assignment with Hays working for a Logistics company . It’s temp until Feb , I am grateful for the work but it is a big drop in money and the variety of work I am used to doing daily is not there.

        I am still applying for perm jobs which is my main job for today so I can try and get something in place for March.

        Good luck everyone on your continued job searches and wishing everyone here on the Restless Community a very healthy , happy and prosperous 2021.

        • Reply by Inky Ess

          Hi Lainey, congratulations on getting the job albeit temporary. I managed to secure a temp job at the start of December which should have lasted until mid Feb. Sadly when we went into lockdown I lost the job. Now I’m back applying for anything and everything. They say they’re not ageist but why do so many companies ask your age and/or date of birth on their application forms. This is really bad and ought to be looked into. It’s so obvious and so wrong. Anyway, staying positive and hopeful. Good luck on your job search. Hopefully we will soon have some good news to report.
          Best wishes

    • Reply by TC Pyke

      I think definitely they are. In this pandemic situation, it is the employers and recruiters market.  Demand and supply?  So it will be hard to find a good position.


    • Reply by amigrant

      I think most definitely. I too have applied for numerous roles I could prob do with my eyes closed and either get no response or ‘ we have selected a candidate more suitable for the role’. I have come to the conclusion that my age is the issue or it is assumed that at my age I would not be happy with the pay rate they have advertised. I was also told, off the record by a recruiter not an employer, that in todays market many employers are favouring ‘young and cheep’! eek

    • Reply by Mag

      Ii have been applying too but with no response and that was making me feel a little let down. After reading some of the comments, I feel it’s best not to mention the Age. This posts has given me some useful insights. Thank you all

    • Reply by Friends

      Arrrrr thats a shame all I say is stay positive and strong no never stop applying. We can get a job I believe I will keep going and going because a yes will come remember no negatively. Before you attend a interview read up the company first it helps so much. Im Just learning what questions to ask the employer. The interview is our timetable shine.

    • Reply by Kurti

      I have been applying for jobs for quite a few years now, and I feel that no-one is interested in someone who is over 60 even though I just gained a BA Hons degree last year. Because I took time off to raise a family there is also a gap in my cv and I think that this also makes employers wary. It’s a real pity as I feel under-valued and quite fed up about it.

    • Reply by Scotlad

      Yes, without doubt I’m afraid.

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    • Reply by Silverclarity

      Yes, they are.