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  • Anyone going through the peri menopause? Advice and coping strategies please.


    Posted by linda.mcnaughton123
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    • Reply by jansur58

      Hi Linda! I found investing in a fan and the aerosol cooling sprays you can buy really helps with night sweats.  In fact l’m still using these so many years later!!! As for mood swings,  you will find these will improve as the years gone on!!!  I also found some of the vitamin supplements you can buy will take the edge off mood swings, depression, etc.  Soy Isoflavones, St Johns Wort, Agnus Castus, or Black Cohosh. Hope this helps???

    • Reply by janwilliams77

      Night sweats were the worst problem for me, disturbing sleep which doesn’t help for your general well-being. If you can you need to layer your bedding if possible try 2 single quilts if you share the bed, then you can have your own weight. I had a low tog with other blankets that I could add to or take off. It’s not easy to change the bedding more frequently but keep a stack of clean pillowcases, they can be changed every day, it makes you feel better. And keep to 100% cotton where ever you can.

      • Reply by linda.mcnaughton123

        Hi, I’ve not experienced bad night sweats yet but that’s probably going to come.  I’ll invest in a lower tog duvet.

    • Reply by valwynne

      Hi, I think that despite more information being available it is tricky as it affects people differently.  What I can tell you is that on reflection a couple of years ago my temper was very up and down.  Sometimes I get night sweats but not really during the day.  Exercise makes me really hot and sweaty quickly.  Other females things have been up and down and struggled with more period pain than ever before.

      it’s not easy but my best advice is treat the symptoms as they come and go and don’t be tough on yourself try to just go with it

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      • Reply by linda.mcnaughton123

        Hi, I’ve had the heaviest periods I’ve ever had.  I think that has passed (hopefully) but the last one lasted 10 days!  I’ve read that taking vitamins can help with symptoms. Have you tried any?

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