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  • Anybody know what to do with a compost bin?

    We have 2 compost bins in the garden that we inherited. Unfortunately, they have no doors at the bottom so not sure how I would get the good stuff at the bottom out.
    Been here 8 years and never used them, checked the one at the back of the garage today and it looks like it has lots of lovely compost in it. But is it too old to use if been there for 8 years and had nothing added to it?
    I’ve looked online but can’t find anything to help me

    Posted by Kitty1969
    • Reply by snffrank

      older the better just knock the bin over get all the good stuf and put the rubish back then put all your taty pealings and green waste on top

      • Reply by Kitty1969

        thank you. I think the bin may be firmly rooted to the spot but if one bin hasn’t been used for 8 years, it’s probably all good stuff.

      • Reply by Irenebill

        Don’t forget to cut a door in the bottom when you have emptied it, ready for next time.

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      • Reply by Kitty1969

        Thank you , I’m not planning on getting rid of it

    • Reply by markant62

      Least it should be well rotted by now! 🤣🤣

    • Reply by Hengist

      I wonder whether you really need a garden compost bin. I compost all vegetable and fruit peelings. They sit in a small kitchen bin for about a week — long enough to begin to ferment (what Japanese composters call ‘bokeh’) but not long enough to reek. The Japanese do this because the fermentation strongly repels rats. In the garden, I then cover the ‘bokeh’ with either fresh grass-cuttings (fast break-down because of heat produced) or with a light covering of soil. This wholly decomposes in about 3 weeks in Winter and within a week in High Summer. Chop peelings and fruit rind up into thin strips before putting them in the kitchen bin — this speeds the process up. I reckon we compost about 6 kilos of veggie/fruit remains a week — 312 kilos a year that does not end up in landfill and so does not anaerobically produce methane (a Greenhouse gas roughly 25 times more powerful than CO2). East Sussex is a disaster when it comes to recycling. Composting could help make a difference.

      • Reply by Kitty1969

        I don’t need it but discovered it full of compost yesterday. I just wondered if I could still use the compost as it has not been touched for 8 years. The other issue I have is that the bin has no door at the bottom to get to the good stuff at the bottom and is in a very narrow place so difficult to lift it.

    • Reply by Hengist

      The bin sounds more trouble than it is worth. If it is not practical, you are not going to use it. I would ‘recycle it’ and use the space to plant something.

      • Reply by Kitty1969

        It’s hidden down the side of the garage so out of the way. I’m hoping to start using it now that I know the compost is ok.

    • Reply by Kathscot

      I have just started composting for the first time so it’ll be interesting to see how we get on

    • Reply by Artemis

      Do stick with the compost idea it will do your garden a lot of good – and save on buying bags of the stuff. My two bins do not have doors at the bottom. I dig out what I need from one while the other is being filled. A spade under your “stuck” one should shift it enough to topple it and empty out all that super stuff. I presume it has a lid – so scoop out as much as you can reach from the top first. Take care – as there may be some residents – slow womrs love to nest in compost They are totally safe. but treat with great care and gentleness. One actully requires a licence to handle them, but needs must it you do find one in your bin – (or contact the council environment officer.).

    • Reply by Cardy

      Perfect, but if you can add some horse manure on the top, it will be full of worms. They turn everything as it rots.

    • Reply by Hill1649

      I’d suggest that, if it is a plastic type compost bin, you lift it right off the compost, then you can get to the compost and transport it to various parts of your garden and just chuck it on. Should still be okay.

    • Reply by Mike Mc

      While it is fairly empty try and put it on a concrete base otherwise it will attract rodents…;)

    • Reply by Buds mum

      Grow rhubarb in them