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  • Any tips or suggestions on how people are surviving the lockdown?

    We pulled together a guide on how to beat cabin fever and would love your feedback on the ideas….    More importantly I’m interested in other ways people are helping themselves to stay sane through the lockdown.   I’m sure there will be some great ideas amongst the community that might help one another!!

    Posted by Stuart
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    • Reply by njmonaghan

      Thank you for sharing the tips and suggestions on how to beat cabin fever. Very helpful. What I am personally finding has had a positive effect, and which is reflected in your top-tips, is to make sure that I start each day by sitting down and completing the day’s ‘to-do’ list. Whilst the morning is focused on what I refer to as ‘life-admin’, (the stuff I’ve been putting-off doing for too long), the afternoon is dedicated to me-time and includes an at-home exercise session immediately followed by an outdoor walk. Whilst the ‘to-do’ list provides a structure and purpose to each day, it has also helped support and establish a routine, and it’s the sense of routine which has certainly helped reduce the space for negative thinking and makes the days go a lot quicker.

    • Reply by liz.p

      Some really good Top Tips on surviving lockdown.
      Would be great to get stories demonstrating how members of the restless community have coped achieving each Top Tip..


      eg How have you got more  sunlight and fresh air? I’ve walked to the shops instead of driving; I’ve walked dogs as a volunteer ..

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