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BARRIE Posted 8 months ago
Any over 70s in the .Redcar area who are also lonely and would like to meet for a coffee or a beer. My pilot light goes out more than I do.
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    • sandra1958 3rd October 2021 at 11:17 am

      Good luck Barrie….I put same on here to chat or meet over 2 months ago. Got no replies yet.

    • sandra1958 3rd October 2021 at 4:49 pm

      sorry barrie i would meet you but i dont think my partner would be pleased…..lol

    • John D Hastings 8th October 2021 at 6:28 pm

      There’s a “WalkNTalk” group of guys that meet up in/around Redcar. I don’t have the details , found out about it on a Facebook group I’m in. If you do FB, join a public group called “The Mighty Redcar” and post your request to meet up there. I come from Eston & live in London now with my wife, otherwise would meet up with you. Good luck mate!

    • BARRIE 9th October 2021 at 4:56 am

      Hi John, Thanks for the info. I’ll look it up. Take care.

    • vaughanpauline 9th October 2021 at 8:23 am

      I cant offer any instant meet ups but you could join Silver Friends a private Facebook group mainly made up of people from this site. You would be our 100th member and the more people we get the more likely a meet up in your area would be

      I will direct message you an invite


    • vaughanpauline 11th October 2021 at 1:57 pm

      Im afraid your too late to be the 100th member. We are past that now but you would still very welcome.

      At sunday nights zoom meet up our other Redcar member was online. Its a shame you werent there but if you want join Silver Friends i will try to put you in touch with each other if you like!?

      I know what loneliness is like and how difficult it can be to escape it

      Take care


    • TmonT 11th October 2021 at 2:30 pm

      Not in Redcar but interested how do you get your pilot light to start 😂 I’m struggling 🙄

    • BARRIE 11th October 2021 at 2:58 pm

      Persevere friend.