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  • Any other frustrated actresses out there?

    I am part of an am dram group that mainly puts on comedy. I love it and it is a huge part of my life, however covid has scuppered it and i miss it dreadfully. Does anyone know of any online acting groups that like to do light hearted funny plays?

    Posted by sharon
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    • Reply by Helen Burns

      Hi Sharon

      As a fellow actress, I’ve wondered the same thing. Perhaps you could start a thread under the Book Club group and see if there is anyone who’d like to create something with you? Although there may be a challenge getting hold of scripts without people having to buy them, if you rotate the responsibility for finding royalty-free, downloadable scripts while you get up and running, and until access to libraries is a little more assured, that could work. I was a member of a regular (in person) play reading club where the scripts were divided up pretty evenly so everyone got the chance to ‘play’ anything. It’s a great way to stretch your skills and remove the need to cast the lead or balance out genders and ages. I’d be happy to connect and show you how it worked. Feel free to email me at [email protected]. Cheers Helen

      • Reply by stephscott17

        Hi Sharon and Helen,
        I would be interested in joining your Group Sharon if you wanted to create this. I am a Public Relations and Marketing Consultant so also have writing skills as well as a hankering to act as a hobby. I will direct message you with my details.


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