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Nigel Novice Posted 1 year ago
Any Northern soul fans about
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    • Officeboy 5th April 2021 at 10:58 am

      Well ive never really got into Northern Soul music, believe me im a massive Soul, Funk fan, and love late 70s Soul, Funk Rare Groove there’s still a massive following and Soul clubs are still going here, however I never hear Northern Soul being played even in the 70s down here,we danced to Soul n Disco. I think its something up North and down in the south its disliked. I admire the dancing but I don’t think the two crowds ever meet.

      • Nigel Novice 5th April 2021 at 11:15 am

        Hi, I think soul started together, the northern thing split off slightly and down south the Mods got their thing together, as much about style as the music and dancing, up north it was about the dancing 90%, then between the 2 we got the Scooter gang that did both and added in a bit of Ska, I’ve DJ’d at a Gig in Ibiza where the 3 came together called Modified Ibiza (covid permitting going again), DJ’s Eddie Piller and Dave Grimshaw amongst others playing the Mod stuff and the rest of us playing the Northern, Motown, Modern Soul and and bit of Ska.
        I run a monthly event up in Sunny Scunny where we play across the board tunes, Northern, Motown and Modern soul plus a few youth club favs including the Ska

        • Officeboy 5th April 2021 at 11:51 am

          Yea correct I do like Eddie Piller and some of this and the fashion was great, but in London its not played here. I started to dress as a Mod in 1977, however by 1978 our soul scene completely changed to glitzy nightclubs everyone in designer type clothing slick productions flashy lights and the Norther soul scene hated it complete opposite to what they believed in. Firstly down here it was much more multi racial then the Northern soul scene, think DJ Norman Jay MBE who embraced early Soul, Ska, Reggae Rudeboy tunes then Funk rare disco , he may play the odd northern tune. Some of our tunes were on 12″ singles tracks lasting up to 12 mins but Disco diluted the scene and by 1978 it was infused with Funk and Disco which you can here from Kool and the Gang and Earth Wind and Fire, i actually prefer Motown in the 80s which is completely different from the popular 60s ,and 70s stuff. I stopped DJ ing many years ago due to all the said scenes dead and buried generally, and youngsters not really continuing in our footsteps.