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  • Any 60 plus people out there ?

    Any 60 plus people out there?

    Posted by carole1669
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    • Reply by aidea

      I am 61 and I have just joined. Couldn’t load my picture.

    • Reply by penny.thomas13

      Hi I’m Penny , I’ve just joined , I’m 60 something & divorced , have 3 children & 2 grandkids here & 2 in New Zealand . Since lockdown it’s like groundhog day , I find its hard to get motivated when your on your own .

    • Reply by carolmort3

      Hi all, new on here. 63yrs young living in northeast, Sunderland. Lost my hubby 9yrs ago, I’ve custody of 2 teenagers, so they keep me young and busy.  I live near my daughter, my best friend, and still lucky to have my mum, dispite all of this life is lonely.


    • Reply by ruaneshl

      Hi all

      l I’m female 68 and new to this group

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    • Reply by stevevincent9

      Hi Everyone, I’m Steve, 66 from Palmers Green in London. Unlike some of you on here, I don’t feel lonely, but I do recognise the comments about lack of structure to the week – I often have no idea what day it is! I am a member of our local Men’s Shed which is a great help in combating loneliness and, being a musician, have many friends of a similar age all feeling frustrated at not being able to perform live music at the moment!

    • Reply by Nishadomadia

      Anyone living in Redbridge ? Would like to meet up for chat and coffee

    • Reply by RobertJ

      Yes. In Robert. A 60-something! How are you all. Always happy to chat to anyone out there

      • Reply by robertsonbarbara9119

        Hi…..I’m Barbara and live in Scotland ….never know what the weather is going to be….one day I’m wearing a heavy raincoat and next day next I’m wearing light jacket…..they say that there will be a period of really warm weather round the corner….we will see, however, I enjoy walking no matter what the weather is like and as I have a small dog there is no choice…..keeping busy is the key…

    • Reply by barbs1

      Yes agree, Sunday’s are the worst day for me. Happy to chat with anyone on here. I’m female by the way

    • Reply by Munsy

      I’m happy having met a new friend through this site. But it was always Sunday evenings that was the worst for me.  But just one thing I think is difficult is there are lots of people,  myself included that have names that are not gender specific,  maybe it would be better if we could at least identify our gender,  then hopefully everyone will feel safe knowing who they are talking to.  So I am a man and I login as munnsy.

    • Reply by judith.hadley

      Hi. I am 68 and just joined today

    • Reply by seabreeze

      Hi I just joined this site today looking to meet new friends . I am 63 young at heart feel it times loneliness especially at weekends 12 years since my divorce.

      • Reply by chashouse

        Hi Seabreeze. I am 62 and like you would like to meet new friends. Online is ok but nothing beats real world contact. That is what is missing for me. What area are you in? I am in North Hampshire near Andover and would love meet anyone for a coffee somewhere

      • Reply by Seven

        Hello Im 58 and happy to make friends on line 🙂

      • Reply by pamelamartin

        Weekends are always the worst

        • Reply by anitaburnett

          I agree, weekends are the worst when you live alone – it’s far too quiet.

        • Reply by Seven

          With lockdown I never know what day it is now….. not too bad though, feeling blessed that everyone I know is well and now coming out of lockdown.

      • Reply by m_mc_new

        Hi.,  seabreeze , I think many of us on this site feel as you do, especially, with the lockdown going on as well. I too have been living alone since my husband died thirteen years ago. I do a lot of craft and belong to several groups but of course the meet ups are now outside in the park as most of the premises we used, are still closed. I live near one of my daughters and family now but they have just returned to work or school. Hopefully thongs will improve when the virus goes down a bit.


    • Reply by barbs1

      I’m 62 living alone in Kent. Still working two part time jobs, health suffering a little with arthritis but optimistic and hoping for physio soon, one son and a grandson. Love to make new friends locally or on here x

    • Reply by gerry.beaton


      • Reply by anitaburnett

        Me 😊 am 73 and haven’t a clue how it happened so quickly 🥴🥴

      • Reply by lynda.fry

        Love it Gerry, will 65 do?

    • Reply by vivb


      Recently joined this site. I live near Wolverhampton. Retired 6 months now, just starting to join a few groups as Lockdown eases. Anyone close by, would love to chat.

      • Reply by Barbara5105

        Hi vivb, I live in Telford. Is that near enough?

    • Reply by jdwarman1965

      Hi I’m ju can I join ur group I’m 55 interested in sharing ideas

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