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  • Any 60 plus people out there ?

    Any 60 plus people out there?

    Posted by carole1669
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    • Reply by brian.ronald

      Hi I’m Brian 71 years young, I live in Bromsgrove,divorced over 20 years, 2 children boy and girl, 6 grandkids 4 girls 2 boys,enjoying life just lost 3 stone and counting, best I’ve felt in a long time.

    • Reply by Karen

      Hi, I am Karen just joined the community today. I am 63 and live on the outskirts of Nottingham. Still working though partially retired now with only 3 years left to endure hahaha. I have continued to  work throughout lockdown as classes as a key worker.  I feel very fortunate about that even though I really can’t wait to retire!. 2 gorgeous grown up children and live happily alone.

    • Reply by janebentleygreen

      Hi Everyone. I’m Jane from Clevedon.67years old and been officially retired for 18 months but continue to offer some private counselling. I have 2 sons and  7 grandchildren who fortunately live locally. I have very recently acquired a Jackabee puppy who is keeping me active.


    • Reply by sheffordlinda

      Yes, me, just about to draw my pension – at long last!!


      • Reply by Peter

        It does give you a sense of achievement, that you have at least reached that time of your life. Enjoy your life🤗

        • Reply by sheffordlinda

          Yep, make it this far!!

    • Reply by kathleen1959

      Yes me! 61 years young.

    • Reply by jayneclarke1960

      Anyone from Kent out there?

      • Reply by postmaster

        Yes me! I’m 62 and live  in Borough Green in kent

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        • Reply by jayneclarke1960

          Hello not to far from me, I live in Bigginhill. Only lived here for about 18 months since my divorce. I’m 60 in a few months time, feels mad just writing that. Shame it doesn’t mean retirement anymore, works wearing me out!! Are you working?

        • Reply by postmaster

          Hi Jayne,

          yes I’m working two part time jobs and would be happy to give one up!
          I’ll catch up with you tomorrow as need to sleep now, night

    • Reply by jayneclarke1960

      I’m very close 60 this year. Starting to feel a little jittery about leaving my 50’s but I’m hoping the next decade will also bring some new beginnings.

    • Reply by alidouglas3

      Anybody from scotland on hear.

      • Reply by wyclog

        I’m from Aberdeenshire

      • Reply by killermomuk

        I’m from forth valley! I’m 66

      • Reply by verayward

        Yep I’m from Lossiemouth

      • Reply by Anonymous User

        Ye I’m from Fife x

    • Reply by alidouglas3

      Hi I’m ally from scotland over weight bad arthritis.have had a kidney transplant and I’m 67 thanks for letting me join xx

    • Reply by higginsjoyce030

      Stressfull times we are living in, no pension due to increase in pension age. Up to 65 from 60 for women, that’s me. I’m diabetic, have arthritis in knees and spondolyousis in neck and spine. Out of work and desperately looking for a job. Not looking good, and to top it all. Pips has been reduced to the lowest level, they even stripped me of my freedom Pass just because they decided to move the gate posts yet again. Question?, What is left for poor sick people?.   I see that the PM took over £900,00000, to respray the airplane in red,white and blue colours he uses to fly around the world to see presidents ect. Why not feed that money back into the NHS and feed poor unemployed and homeless people instead of letting them suffer during this pandemic crises??.

      • Reply by paulinevaughan2015

        Yes rediculous spending all that money on a plane when they are in the middle of the present crisis.

        Putting the state pension age up, in my case to 67, has resulted in many of us having to claim state benefits as we can’t work. In my case Covid has left me with Chronic Fatigue meaning I have lost my job which was fairly physical. Employers are not going to take on a 60 year old who has days when she just can not do anything.

        Universal credit is enough to survive on nothing more and only if your very careful. The government seems to be concentrating on helping only the young to find work. I understand that the young need help but so do we oldies.

        It is innevetable we are going to loose a lot of jobs so why not bring the pension age back down?

      • Reply by higginsjoyce030

        Yes,but, what are your thoughts regarding the treatment of people like myself in this bad,bad situation. Where all having to tighten our belt buckles even further than we can manage and all the politicians are doing is spending money,not there own personal money,but,spending from the public purse and stealing from the poor and needy. I find it hard to believe these people care,in fact,they have never truly cared,although this pandemic crises they mainly mentioned Brexit more than anything else. And now,after these people in power have got to where they are,all they can do is show us that they have now decided to wear face masks. Oh yes, and guess what the colour of the mask happened to be,yeah,you guessed it, “Blue”.

      • Reply by killermomuk

        I agree with you! It was ridiculous to spend that On an aeroplane. The money could have been used so much better!

    • Reply by 2linda.warren

      Hi I’m Linda and live on the Surrey Hampshire border, am 73 years young, live alone, enjoy golf, travel(in better times) theatre, eating out (haven’t done that recently) is there anyone of a like mind out there?

      • Reply by gerry.beaton

        Yep me I’m out here I also enjoy golf (not very good tho’) have five dogs and walk a lot on Salisbury Plain, enjoy theatre? Opera, gardening and loads of other things. Suffering from a trapped nerve in my leg as I write this-ouch! Anyone live near Marlborough/Andover/Devizes area??


    • Reply by jennyspolton

      Hi I’m Jenny, I live in Co Durham.  I will be 72 next month. I have 2 dogs and a cat and love all kinds of craft and gardening. Would love to chat. Xx

    • Reply by gbhgrant10

      Went out to Manchester city centre met a friend first time we have been back to our usual watering holes since March. Planning same Friday night.

      • Reply by dtaylor5400

        Hi I’m David, aged 66 from toñbridge, Kent, love reading thrillers, 70s music , classical too, Chelsea FC, still got big vinyl collection of single records.

        Been single for 10 years, had to care for my mum for 9 years, when she sadly passed in 2018, council moved me out to a flat, nice neighbours, but no garden, anybody else in my area please for chato go for a beer , thanks

      • Reply by gerry.beaton

        Great to see your picture! You look happy to be out again!

      • Reply by alidouglas3

        Enjoy guys

      • Reply by sherriffsmum

        I too have been out for a meal for the 1st time. So different.

    • Reply by suelrooks

      Hi I’m sue ,62 from Letchworth,  I live alone apart from my cats , anybodywants to chat I’m here.


      • Reply by annestitcher

        I work just down the road from you – at Silsoe -tho currently working from my kitchen table

    • Reply by biddywinkle

      Hi I’m Diane 77, widowed live alone except for my little jack Russell Alfie Bowwow.  I live on the beautiful island of Anglesey in a small village.   Love walking Alfie on our beaches and lovely country side.

      • Reply by wyclog

        Hi, love your dogs name xx

        • Reply by biddywinkle

          My hero Alfie Boe, have met him and he’s lovely been to many concerts and even had a cuddle, hence the name of my fur baby Alfie Bowwow. Lol.

      • Reply by killermomuk

        Hi I’m Helen and I’m 66. I would LOVE to live near the water! I am married to Stuart. Our dog Abbie died last year. She was a rough collie and the best dog you could ever wish for.

      • Reply by mnbhutchings

        Hi, l live near Carmarthen, l’m 73 have a bichon frise called Suga. I live alone too.

        Love my garden, walking and theatre.

      • Reply by twojarz

        It is indeed a beautiful island! It has been 6 months or more since I was able to visit but I hope I will get back to enjoy the fabulous scenery sometime. Stay safe and enjoy your walks =)

        • Reply by biddywinkle

          Maybe when your over this way you could pop in for a cuppa.

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