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Deleted User Posted 6 months ago
Another day … another gift

When you find yourself lonely or anxious …. my go-to tool is to focus and list Alll the things that still work … I even write a list … daily …like a *Gratitude Rampage* …

And just for the record, I have been entirely on my own without a support bubble for over 500 days … life just played out that way ….so yes, I know what deep loneliness and isolation (especially after Brexit) …and the ‘indifference’ of people in my direct community feels like. Shocking to a point but … that is on them…. my spirit is more resilient than this adversity… we can all step up to be our own heroes.

And focussing on Gratitude … quickly lifts my spirit and energy and let’s face it … we all have soo much to be thankful for … focus more on what’s working still rather than voice constant complaints … it really can change your life … it is a matter of energy shifting and shifting your mindset to support yourself with better feeling thoughts … that is healthier for everyone. 🌀💙 Be kind to yourself!

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