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  • Angie

    Hello Lovely London,
    And that’s not just to the trendy bits.I love all
    of London.
    The East,West,North and South London.
    Love the social history of it all.
    To all of you I send my best wishes and if you’ve got a moment come and say hi.
    Would love to get to know ya.

    Posted by blissfullageing
    • Reply by Paula’splace

      Hi Angie

      I’m fine thank you, a little fed up with it all I always like to have something to look forward to a spa day, or a weekend away, just can’t plan anything just treated myself to a Chinese Takeaway and Glossy magazine that’s my company for tonight. I can fully understand how some couples lockdown has led to divorce, I adore my sons but saw sides to them I didn’t really like being with them 24/7.sadly. But I’m sure I irritated too.

      How has it been for you?

    • Reply by Paula’splace

      Hi Angie

      Nice to meet you



      • Reply by blissfullageing

        Hello Paula,Hope you and yours are well.

        Thanks for saying hi.

        How have you been?

        Take care