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  • after 22 years in retail buying now looking at redundancy in my 50’s

    I am scared and not really sure what I can do can anyone offer some advise?

    Posted by k.beecham
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    • Reply by Margarita


      I think now it’s even more important to look after your self, practising self-compassion and self- care. This can help you to overcome your feelings of frustrations and can assist you in staying more positive. Check out if you can find an online mindfulness class, this can help you with all this.

      A next step can be to review your skills (including transferrable skill) and strengths. Not to forget to assess what you actually passionate about. All these insights assist you in identifying new opportunities (potentially outside retail) and new job areas.

      I hope this helps a bit to get you started. Get help if you need assistance in the above.

      Warmly, Margarita

    • Reply by anitagregory44

      I feel for you. I had lovely job for 15 years then made redundant. ive applied for 300 jobs, had one trial but all the staff were very young and I worked hard but I knew I wasnt gonna get the job cos of my age. im crying and skint. no one cares about experience and we are grafters but they always choose youth! in my teens and 20s I got jobs easy but now its impossible. I keep opening emails rejections all the time. I was bad I was replying accusing companies of prejudice and ageism.  don’t give up hope. when covid over reply for maybe jobs that pay less but are available. then you can jobsearch and find something you deserve. good luck

      • Reply by k.beecham

        Thanks for the comments never give up something will come when you least expect it.

    • Reply by Metroman

      I am on the same song sheet as you, just 3 years further on.

      very briefly , I was mad redundant after 30 years of IT work and a TUPE in the middle. Having to hand in two laptop sand a mobile phone on my day 30 really hit it home to me. Took me six months to get over it before i could get myself down to the JCP.

      Here’s what helped me:

      1. If/when it happens, grab hold of a friend and have a really good moan for a few hours. Get it off your chest them promise them and yourself that is it.
      2.  Sort out your finances and pensions
      3. Get your CV up to date , lots of help online and social media.
      4. Make sure you are on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to mix with like minded people.
      5. If counselling is available then take it. I had 5 weekly sessions during my 30 days and it helped.
      6. Start spreading the word and if something comes up then take it. Don’t wait till you are pushed.
      7. Start talking to people and decide wat you want to move into then think and training.
      8. Find out what your local JCP and council offer for the unemployed.

      Finally. print the above off and use as a checklist. Good luck and see you again soon.

      • Reply by anitagregory44

        I get over excited when I hear of jobs then next minute depressed.  I think its covid related thats making it double hard. I am willing to do anything. no one gives me a chance!

        • Reply by Metroman

          Yes. I go through he same cycle every day.

          Everyone says that the JBE routes gives just 30% of jobs. But that is what my work coach wants.

          If networking and speculating covers the other 70% then i have to go that way as well and try to double the number of jobs i find. So each day i am trying to research companies to draw up a short list. This is demotivating because i am working blind and trying to learn.

          I am hoping sooner rather than later this will help to inspire and motivate me.

      • Reply by k.beecham

        Thanks for the inspiring comments very helpful


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