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    Recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, am an hgv/psv driver and licences suspended. Although haven’t had a hypo can’t guarantee getting my licences back. But can’t get an interview with a work coach cos technically I’m employed (have been on ssp) since November 2019 also am not entitled to any financial assistance cos am on ssp. Have signed with loads of agencies having explained I can’t drive above 3.5t and all they send me are jobs I require my licences for. Are these people illiterate or just plain idle and don’t both looking at your CV or cover note

    Posted by clivecranston1604
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    • Reply by jules6457

      Good Morning Clive,

      Have you considered contacting the BDA or British Diabetic Association?  They may be able to best advise how to avoid fluctuations (if any), or hypo (low blood sugar) risk.

      Obviously DVLA dont want you becoming diabetic ill, behind large lorry.  Depending on type of diabetes, insulin, you may be able to be referred to endocrinologist and Specialist nurse as result.

      If you/your GP or Consultant can statement all controlled or contingency to prevent dangerous fluctuations, that could be a way forward and into employment again.

      Good luck.

      All the Best Julia

    • Reply by susan

      Hi Clive, so sorry to hear about your situation. So medically (sorry if not understanding) could your licenses be returned? Is there a time length and then medical tests to check on if your condition is sufficiently under control? And do I understand correctly that you could still be a driver but just not for vehicles above 3.5t? Could you still drive a van as defined on the Gov.uk website https://www.gov.uk/guidance/driving-a-van

      Not defending anyone who is not reading your story properly but I wonder how much of your CV is about your HGV skills? What other types of jobs are you interested in applying for? I would imagine most advisers are very overworked but see your point, very difficult if you feel you are not being heard. Is your cover note from a doctor?

      We have advice on rewriting your CV on the site, I wonder if that might be worth looking at if you are starting to look for other directions? https://restless.co.uk/career-advice/cv-writing-tips/

      Let us know how you are getting on

      Best, Susan



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