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  • Adding New Skills to Grow Insight and Make a Better Living – inspired by this site

    Hello all,

    I trust you and yours are well at this present time.

    My time as an independent business change consultant over the past 5 years has meant earning a living has proven very challenging. After a 20+ year career in Business Development working for big corporates, redundancy 5 years ago due to a takeover meant the cloak of sustainability, increasing income and relative security was blown in the wind.

    When I imagine the world from today, I believe we will be living in a very difficult ecosystem tomorrow. Businesses will be run differently. Their employees will need to adapt feelings, thinkings and actions towards their jobs/careers to remain constant or grow. Many people with need to be better understood, more empathy from others to assist adaptation I think. Like counselling.

    It occurred to me that I have actually been counselling people for a number of years, although I may not have appreciated this fact; family members, friends, employees, prospects and clients for example. Decided to explore the skills associated with a counselling approach, and searching this site, I was triggered to skill-up. In the ‘Learn’ section, I started looking at Counselling. I found various accredited coaching modules concerned with this are, including a course on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

    I have now completed the basic Counselling course through this site, and will complete another next week. I think a new skill set will inform my thinking, offer options for assessing client challenges in these times,and hopefully improve my standard of living for me and mine.

    I would be very interested to hear what you think about my thinking, and if anyone is thinking about skilling up in their life?

    Best, Ross.

    Posted by roscogm4