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  • A scam?

    As there has been no issues with bank balances, I assume this is a scam email?
    Anyone else had one?
    From a ‘Capita’ address?

    Posted by AllsGravy
    • Reply by Gaetano

      Hi AllsGravy,

      Many thanks for sharing and, seeing the email domain there not being the DVLA’s I would be inclined to say that’s definitely scam.

      We have recently added this article on the subject which you may find useful https://restless.co.uk/money/everyday-finance/types-of-scam-and-how-to-avoid-them/

    • Reply by Vixster

      Yes, that’s a scam. I’ve had 2 emails from them now so did go on line to the DVLA site to check and now reported them to [email protected].

    • Reply by PeteB

      I agree that this is definitely a scam. You can check your vehicle tax status online in 60 seconds. Just go to this Gov.Uk page and put in your registration number.



    • Reply by Netherthorpe

      Yep (and I haven’t even had one!).

    • Reply by MaggieWhite21

      Yes – a scam for sure.

    • Reply by Reverend Nick

      Agree with the others, although nothing Crapita does would surprise me.

    • Reply by Forestbather

      Hahaha!!!! Not even a convincing one!!!!

    • Reply by Mayumi_S.

      Thanks for the heads up. 👍