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  • 6 years!

    That’s how long until I retire! Love the job hate going to work!

    Posted by john.gray990
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    • Reply by john.gray990

      Thank you for your kind and helpful words. Definitely practicable. Am a key worker during this virus period and it’s tough going!

    • Reply by pinkgekko

      OMG John I know how you feel.  I opted out before retirement age as I just couldn’t do it any more.

      What helped me in the latter stages of permanent full time work was to think of it as a rolling 6 month contract.  A month before the 6 month point, Id ask myself whether I wanted to sign up for another 6 months and if I did, what did I want to get out of that time/ what would I do differently.

      Psychologically it broke down the ‘stretch’ into more manageable chunks.

      I also started to ease off a bit e.g. not working beyond 6 pm every day, not taking work home, trying not to get mad about things that I had no chance of influencing at work.

      Anyway, sharing your pain and wishing you a happy 6 years …or maybe less !!!


    • Reply by peterlaw23

      Im afraid that is life!

      Many of us work to live but on the occasion’s where we like the job as well, that is a very fortunate position! Make the best and most of the next six years.

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