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Hi Paul, my name is Robert and l know exactly how you feel. I have been using quite a few online dating sites myself for almost over one and a half years now. Sorry if l sound a little bit negative, but speaking from my own experience and talking to other people who have been using online dating sites to find love l have to tell you that online dating sites are not the best way to meet people for a genuine long term relationship. I would estimate that about 60% or more people who sign on to these online dating sites have mental or emotional problems, and many of them unfortunately are time wasters who don’t know what they are looking for. A lot of these people quite frankly are obnoxious and that is why they go on these online dating sites because not many people want to be with them. I’m not saying that you will never meet a genuine person through these online dating sites, but you have to be realistic and not be over enthusiastic every time you get a reply from a person. I have done quite a bit of research on these online dating sites and l would say that we men are at a great disadvantage compared to women in general who use these online dating sites. This is because in general women get a greater number of replies than men do. This explains why men waste a lot of time writing to women and find that they don’t receive many replies, simply because women are literally swamped with so many messages from men they simply don’t have time to look at all the messages sent to them.

The other problem with online dating is that a lot of people lie about themselves and hide a lot of important information from you which leads to a lot of heartache, disappointment and anger when you find out what they didn’t want to tell you. The other big drawback with online dating is that it’s too competitive. There are too many people to choose from so there is a tendency for many people to be impatient with a person who doesn’t seem to provide all the qualities that people are looking for at the first point of contact. People simply move on to the next person on the list and don’t give the previous person enough time to get to know them properly. Do you know Paul, that a few years ago the best relationships l had were from putting a small advert in the Contacts section of a local newspaper or in a London freebee paper. In those days there was far less competition and it was much easier to meet genuine people. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be many newspapers that have Contact columns these days. My brother met his wife through a small ad in the Contacts column of a local newspaper!

How about putting a message on this Restless site that you are looking for a genuine relationship? At least the people on this site seem a lot more genuine than most of the people who use online dating sites. I have put a message on this site myself. While l cannot guarantee that you will meet your ideal lady on this site it seems a lot better than using online dating sites.

I hope this information was helpful. Wishing you all the best in your search for the right lady.

Best wishes, Robert.