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Hi, I feel for you in your predicament and can say with experience of similar situations that there is usually light at the end of the tunnel, although at times it may feel very distant.  You don’t say whether or not he is receiving Jobseeker’s Allowance (and at the moment this may not be of much use anyway) but insisting my son attended in person was the turning point in his life.  Previously he was “wasting” his early years with similar road path to your stepson, but he was coached and encouraged via the job centre and was eventually offered a job in website development by a young progressive company. He has never looked back! He has since, travelled the world, met the love of his life, and is now settled with a good job and a young family who he provides very well for.  If someone had told me that this would be his future (at 21) I would never have believed it.  My parting shot to you is to remain hopeful and never give up, some young men just take a longer time to find their path in life.