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Hi Helen and welcome,

What a great idea, I too get really bored of my dishes but love to improvise, only problem with that I never know the recipes of any of the better dishes…… During lockdown, I made quite a few Quinoa Salads with feta, tomatoes, olives etc.  I also loved making Tuna Nicoise, a dish I never normally think of.  The green beans and potatoes with olives and Tuna ( fresh or tinned) were great for me as I love strong flavours in my food. Now Autumn is here I am loving roasted veg with sweet potatoes, mushrooms, cauliflower, Peppers and courgettes but you can use any veg you prefer.  I season it with chilli, paprika, olive oil and celery salt but you could use any spices you prefer, I have it with plain leaves such as spinach and rocket.  Please share your favourites !  oh and another thing I love is chilli con carne, made with a good quality Aberdeen Angus mince or mixed pork and beef mince,  this year I have been adding dark chocolate (70% plus)as well and sometimes also lentils, very filling but if you add lentils do adjust the amount of meat you add.