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I’ve never thought of myself as being lonely, a few years back my mum died abroad, my sister had some mental health issues and went into a care home also abroad and my brothers became very distant, at that time I had some financial issues and a friend was going through the same so we decided to  pool our resources, and share a house. Over time I paid off my loan, mainly study loan from my masters degree, and was financially better off, my friend never recovered financially from her divorce. It worked well in the beginning, her family sort of became my family in a strange way, she has two grow up sons, one has many children, so I got used to having young kids visiting or staying over, I was like the fun, crazy aunty that did fun activities with them,  recently she has fallen out with the son and she no longer has contact with some of her grandchildren. I now realise that I don’t have too many close friends in the UK, I have many acquaintances, and people I know through work – I feel quite sorry for my friend too,  but equally I am approaching 60 myself and I feel I should branch out and make some new friends, I have suggested to my friend that we join some groups in the area -she has given many excuses why each group would not be suitable but I am hoping that once I join she may follow suit.