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i think we women have to take back control. I get a date (or not) in 3 questions or I move on.

1.  Hi I am Sheila. What makes you happy in life?

To their answer I say: :Nice answer. For me its my kids, sunsets and the movies. In fact if Im honest Id say I respect a man who invites me to the movies with coffee after. Is that good man you?”

They say yes or no.

Your 3rd question is “You can? Great. How does Tuesday next week look?”

And youve got a date ir you both move on. Swap movies for lunch or what suits you.

Works every single time for me

No hanging around and emailing for weeks and months, no Zoom calls (you are not their free entertainment)

My dating CD and online dating experts (Adrienne Everheart) say you have to meet to see if there is any chemistry. I agree.

Works a treat ladies! Good luck x