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It is probably quite a good thing to try other media to paint in. I have been painting for 20 years, and on the advice of a friend who was a professor at The Royal College of Art, I started painting in oils. His advice was keep off watercolours until you understand the basics of painting, advice which I took. I also used acrylics, partly because they  are less smelly and toxic than oils. I have also tried pastels , both dry and oil, but in the end I come back to oils, particularly as they are the most workable paints.

Though I do the occasional watercolour I am never happy with the results. Have tried my hand at printing, but did not enjoy the experience at all.

My philosophy in painting is to try and develop my painting, which is why I now paint abstracts. Just painting landscapes or still lifes I find boring. It has all been done before, and no way am I going to produce a Constable, Turner or any of the figurative forms of painting. Painting abstracts gives one scope to experiment and try to produce an original work and not a copy or pastiche of what has been done before.

One thing I have always done is figure and portrait drawing. Being able to draw is one of the basics of painting.