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Hi Pauline, I moved to Mallorca and ran a English language school with my sister for 2 years. My advice re learning the language is to do as much as you can before you get there. Do something everyday, even if its only for a short time and try to listen to the language as much as possible eg children’s Spanish books from local library. There is an excellent Spanish cd set by Michel Thomas. It’s brilliant for new learners and you will be speaking in sentences straight away – really. Some good advice in comments above but also get a Spanish verb book and a dictionary and translate things in Google translate for fun. There are free apps that can help eg Duolingo and Babbel – use them before you go. Some local council’s do free Spanish courses for foreigners but often these can be in the local language eg Catalan or Vallenciana rather than Castilliano Spanish. When you get there try and do a language exchange with a local person who wants to learn English – I’ve for gotten the name but similar to a buddy scheme where you meet someone and converse for the same amount of time in each language. Places to stay so depends on where you’ll be, generally don’t accept first offers and negotiate. I can only speak for Mallorca but people might might be perplexed about the driving instruction. It’s a bit less formal over there I think it’s more about just getting out there and doing it. Good luck.