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Thanks.  I do ask, I practically beg but I get told that ‘we’ don’t do that here.  ‘We don’t share emotions’ and ‘We have a stiff upper lip’.  Others have said that the South East is harder than most northern places, also get told that I’ve been really unlucky with the people that I have met………..I feel nasty saying all of this but I’m constantly finding myself in situations or around very nasty and cliquey people….I will persevere, but honestly, right now, by a thread.  It is my birthday today and I spent most of it alone….My 76 year old mother in law took me to lunch (she shouldn’t be driving).  Very sweet but, I don’t know, I’m being a bitch….sorry.  Just continuously running for people that don’t run for me, doing what I told my kids never to do…..I don’t know who I am anymore.