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Hi everyone,

I’ve just joined this group as I’m here from Australia, lived here for two years and am finding it hard to meet genuine people.  My family and friends all back home, I’m here to be a part of my in laws lives as they’re both becoming increasingly forgetful.  I’m struggling with loneliness, I’m struggling with being myself when myself doesn’t fit in over here and don’t know how to be different, how to fake it to make it, how to not be myself……… I’ve been volunteering a lot throughout lock down, not just running around and doing shopping but also coordinating a group of volunteers.  I’ve not worked since December and desperately in need to work, any work but nobody wants me.

Yes, pity pool and am very embarrassed that I pity myself, it’s just not me to do that but find myself in a place where that’s where I’m most comfortable.  Silly isn’t it, especially after reading your stories.

I don’t miss Australia, I love the climate, the gardens, the history……..I miss my network, my kids, my mum and, just working and being super independent.   Sorry, so sorry but felt the need to share x