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Hi, I lost my mum in 2003 then found myself divorcing after 30yrs marriage. Had to relocate from London to Derbyshire because I couldn’t afford the London cost of living. At 54 I felt lucky to get a job and even luckier to find new and unexpected new love. Unfortunately I had to stop work just before my 60th birthday, due to a family crisis and have not worked since. I am now 69, my new love and gentle man was killed in a road accident and now I live with my 40yr old divorced son. I’ve only been out about four or five times since this virus started, I’m positive I had it in late December too, when I nearly died of a very bad chest infection. We’re jogging along OK, but at 69 you can’t help feeling you’re wasting precious time just sitting waiting at home, for the end of lock down!