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Wow what a rich and varied range of responses. It’s all so individual isn’t it that it is difficult to generalise. I can empathise with all that is said. this week I listened to a TED talk on an incredible research study from Harvard where quite a few thousand people from many walks of life were regularly interviewed over 50 plus years. The one outstanding conclusion about what made people happy was relationships. Close ones yes but also being socially connected. Lonely isolated people also have shortened lives. While it’s not always easy I would plead with those on their own to find ways of connecting with others. In Bristol through AgeUK we have a whole range of initiatives to connect people together. One is our FAB cafes where the 55 plus meet up for coffee and other activities. During COVID-19 we have been continuing online and on the phone. We also run 121 befriending services. Do find out about what is happening in your local area but there are so many ways of connecting and making new friends. I know this may not sound easy for some but I beseech you to make the effort. You will see such a difference in your quality and duration of life. Jim