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Rob and all others on this thread, I’m in the same boat as you am 65 in a few day’s time, and if I add into the mix have severe COPD so have been shielding, a process that was not a great deal of fun. One thing which was said to me when starting my job search was “How did you do these jobs when you don’t have a degree” followed by “You won’t stand a chance in the market without one now”, that still rankles. So I went and got a Degree qualified on 13 March 2020. But now at an interview, I come as a shock, the interviewer is expecting a 24/5 yr old and I turn up. Back to recruitment agencies has anyone else noticed that if one of our age group applies we don’t get a reply but applying direct to a company we do? and the other thing I have noticed is how much padding there is recently seen that “Professional Interpreters” of Latvian are needed in Winsford, Porlock, and Minehead all of which are in easy reach of each other, which may seem odd but then you find entries for the rest of the Eastern European countries, the effect of this is that all of a sudden a region that has 47 jobs listed has in truth, about 25% of that, false hope?