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I agree – but at this point the message is very clear from one community. Black lives matter. Once the discomfort of that is understood then movement can happen.

Here is another tip for you to be aware of – my post is about black lives matter. You have not offended me but be aware that some people find the word – coloured offensive because of its connections. In the U.S. it was used in a derogatory way – so black started using the term by black people. In South Africa – you were classified – white, couloured or black. Some people would say – we are all coloured and one race – human beings. Be aware of different people and age/generation. My  mum would have said coloured. My sister would be offended. Me – it depends on the person and the context. Just for your info.

I was at an LGBT conference once and challenged the LGB organisation Stonewall as to why they didn’t represent transgender people at the time. I am not transgender but spoke up as an ally. That is important now and leads from your good comment. We should speak up for each other- sometimes especially when we aren’t that thing. The ideal is rights for all but now the issue at hand is about the experience of black people.