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Reply by Metroman

Less than a year after my mother died i turned 55. A month later I was made redundant after 30 years in work. Shortly after that i had the pleasure or undergoing bowel cancer screening. What next i thought.

Then it hit me , I am getting old. Never in my life did i stop to think i was, until i was forced to stop and think.

My dad never found work after he was made redundant at 55 so i think I’m following in his footsteps.

That is when it started to scare the C*&P out of me.

My pensions are not bad, not brilliant but not bad. I have spent some time over these 3 years trying without success to find an IFA i am comfortable with. They are all happy to advise and be instructed and take a 1% annual fee for advising me on how to invest my Tax Free lump sum.

The bit that scares me is that being a single guy without kids and next to no family is that i am now alone. Approaching 60 and needing to make plans that will effect me for the next 30,40 years and finding people to help is damn near impossible.