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I retired 2 years ago before retirement age and having worked full time since I was 16 thought it was ‘me time’ plus my job was very stressful and I never seemed to switch off taking work home etc. Best decision I ever made and I wonder how I found time to work. Friends tell me how much more relaxed I am. I find lots of things to do see friends, read, walk, dog boarding and volunteering. You do have to motivate yourself to do things some days but if you feel like lazing around all day reading then you can although it did take me a while to dismiss the ‘guilt’ feeling when I did 🙂 . If anyone is thinking of doing it then do, there are plenty of things out there to keep you occupied but you have to help yourself and look they won’t come looking for you, it has been difficult during the COVID but onwards and upwards. Life is for living. Good luck everyone who is thinking of doing it you will wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.