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I am using online dating for the first time at 63. I have been on my own a very long time. However I have a  very full life, I am only joining now as the next phase of my life plan. My kids are grown up so thinking about me now. The online dating thing is probably similar to getting out there and meeting people. You need to be a bit wary until you get to know people. Go with your feeling if comfortable but in the main take it slow and steady.

I am not put off online dating but it does require some investment of your time and some people are looking for people much younger than they should! However I have had one or two nice messages from decent people so live in hope….. I also had a nice one which did turn out to be a ‘fraudulent account’ luckily found out within a few days so no harm done. You need your wits about you as not everyone is what they say they are. I am also looking to get out more and have joined a walking group so dont put all your eggs in one basket is probably the best advice. Good luck Maggie