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Reply by Metroman

I am 58, was made redundant just after turning 55. Then along came COVID , makes things harder now i am part of a crowed. Local gov and council services are very limited and only available as a one shot. Now i have to look out for whatever i can find in terms of help.

I have learnt the hard way that  it is harder to find work when you are unemployed so i would suggest.

Cling to your current job, it may be your last.

Get your CV up and ready as soon as possible.

Join everything on social media and mix esp LinkedIn with as many people and like minded people as you can. But don’t let SM rule your life.

Find out what what is available from your local JCP.

Start looking at jobs now to at least get a better idea of what is available and what you could move into.


My council are starting many initiatives with the local collage to help people improve there chances such as applying for Civil Service Jobs. So talk to anyone that is already unemployed and see what they have access to.

Check your finances and pension sooner rather than later and get advice now if you think you need it.

Start networking like crazy.